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In School (A new approach to Fitness in Schools)

Working with Bracknell Forest Borough Council's 'Young People in Sport' scheme over the past 19 years, former GB international athlete has developed a fast, fun and dynamic new approach to promoting fitness in schools. Based on the Ancient Greek ideals of 'healthy mind and healthy body', his approach aims to combine the often conflicting goals of Individual Excellence and Sport for All. However, the benefits of his coaching extend far beyond sport and fitness, and into the realms of self confidence, self esteem and personal development.

Fair play and the development of team spirit are crucial elements in his lessons; hence social and co-operative skills are just as important as physical ability. Julian has developed imaginative teaching and training techniques which ensure children of all standards can take part, even in competitive situations, without being made to feel that they are losers or inadequate in any way.

Basic fitness training centres on running skills, particularly style and technique and pace judgement, and this is promoted largely through team relays, handicap races and time trials. However, within this basic framework many other skills relevant to numerous other sports are developed, such as team skills, spatial awareness, physical co-ordination, ball handling, throwing, catching and jumping. In addition Julian provides an introduction to mobility and strength training through gym work and circuit training.

Overwhelmingly the results have shown that youngsters today are generally not fit, but would like to be. They thrive on fast moving physical activity and clearly enjoy competition, provided it is organised in a positive and encouraging atmosphere. Just one lesson is usually sufficient to make noticeable improvements, simply by correcting faults of style and technique, and demonstrating how vigorous physical exercise can be made to be fun. After three sessions in consecutive weeks increased fitness levels already become apparent, and any subsequent lessons allow the children to consolidate and develop these skills further, as appropriate for the season and weather conditions, and bearing in mind the requirements of the National Curriculum.

If your school would be interested in this sort of approach, Julian is available to help next term. Please contact him at the address opposite for further details.

After School

Julian also organises several after-school running clubs. These are usually private clubs for pupils at a specific school. But at 5pm every Tuesday during term time he organises a club open to children from all local schools. This club meets at the Look Out Discovery Centre at Bracknell, and we run on the numerous off-road trails in Swinley Forest. In the winter months the club meets at Bracknell Running Track, and we run on safe, lit, traffic-free cycle paths.

Please contact Julian for more details.

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Please contact us if you have any questions or you would like to book a session.

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