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Running Repairs

INJURY PREVENTION is infinitely better than cure, and as part of his holistic approach Julian provides advice and guidance on how to stay injury-free.

Correct running technique, good posture, and a suitable choice of running shoes can go a long way towards avoiding injury, but regular sports massage is also an important way to help the body recover from training overloads and prevent injuries. Julian's 'RUNNING REPAIRS' sports massage service is primarily aimed at achieving this goal. His highly effective treatments flush away the usual stiffness and aches and pains which inevitably occur after periods of hard training and races. His treatments are also invaluable in helping to identify potential problems before they develop into full-blown injuries.

'RUNNING REPAIRS' sports massage treatments are available to athletes and non-athletes alike. Discounts are available to clients who book a series of 4 or more treatments, and to the athletes he coaches on a regular basis.

If you would like to have a sports massage treatment please call Julian on 01252 725254 or 07799 607455.

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