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The Feelgood Factors consultancy is based in the Surrey/Hampshire/Berkshire area, (although many clients travel from further afield), and Julian travels throughout the UK to hold private training days for running and triathlon clubs.

There are three basic philosophies underpinning Feelgood Factors:

Face to face Training

Julian Goater strongly believes that coaching is most effective when the coach can see the athlete training. Only in exceptional circumstances will Julian agree to coach remotely. This is partly due to the importance he attaches to style and technique, and partly because he is skilled in adapting and fine-tuning his sessions whilst they are in progress, according to the performance and needs of the individual athlete at the time.

This approach allows him to monitor, progress and where necessary adapt each individual's training, and give advice on running technique to the athlete, even when they are enjoying the camaraderie of training as part of a group. These face to face sessions can be 1:1, weekly group sessions, one day workshops or warm weather training camps (e.g. 7 - 14 days in the Canary Islands).

The fundamental basis of face to face coaching is that Julian is able to give much more individual attention to each athlete, providing a motivational and confidence-building element to the training programme. This ensures an instant two-way feedback between Julian and the athlete, allowing optimal work levels and preventing any overtraining, injury or loss of confidence.

Non-elitist Training

The common factor between the members of Julian's 'non-elitist' training groups is that they are all people who enjoy their sport and want assistance in fulfilling their goals and staying injury free! Feelgood Factors provides coaching and motivation to individuals of all ages and abilities, with the emphasis on trying to make the training as much fun as possible. Julian's clients include school groups, newcomers to duathlon/triathlon and running, and aspiring club runners, as well as international athletes, triathletes and duathletes.

Integrated Holistic/Lifestyle Training

Julian Goater is a master at adapting coaching and training sessions to fit in with clients' lifestyles, i.e. arranging training sessions around work and family commitments. As part of his holistic approach Julian also provides advice and guidance on staying injury free, which include providing a sports massage service which can be used in both preventative and recuperative situations.

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