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1 to 1 Coaching

Anyone can ride a bike can't they?

Well, maybe not! As with running, riding a bike is a skilful activity. It's not as simple as just sitting down and pedalling. Nor is it just about balance, and not falling off.

These are the things anyone can do. But there's much more to bike riding than this. To ride a bike fast requires strength, skill and fitness. Pedalling technique, gear selection, pace judgement, climbing, descending and cornering – these are all skills which you can read about, but there are very few coaches who can ride with you and give practical coaching as situations arise out on the road.

Julian Goater is one of these people. An initial session with him will ensure your bike is set up correctly for you, and identify how you can improve all these cycling skills. Bike training is not just about aimlessly going for a ride. Just as with running, every ride should have a purpose, and the numerous variations in terrain can and should be used to practice and improve these skills. Julian can show you how, by selecting suitable routes and challenges, which will result in rapid improvements in your confidence, your bike handling ability, and your understanding of how to ride a bike faster. The more you improve, the more fun you will have on a bike... come and see!

Weekly Training Group

Riding a bike on the roads is very different to sitting on a bike in the gym or on a turbo trainer. Likewise, riding in a group is very different to riding alone - and more fun too.

Once you are confident riding alone Julian will arrange group rides with other riders of similar standard, either during the week or at weekends. Here you will need to show the discipline and concentration required to ride in a group, and this will give you the opportunity to further enhance your bike skills and positional awareness as you play your part riding in a team.

Mountain Biking

For those riders without road bikes, Julian is equally happy to provide mountain bike coaching. Indeed, riding off-road away from the traffic is often the best and safest way of starting to ride, and enhances the handling skills of beginners and experienced riders alike. Mountain bike riding is also preferable in the winter when the weather and road conditions are less conducive to riding on the road.

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