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What stops you running faster?

What stops you keeping up with a runner who overtakes you? What does it feel like? Is it your legs that give in first? Your arms? Or perhaps your breathing?

Is it your lack of Speed? Strength? Stamina? Suppleness? Or Skill?

Or is it perhaps a lack of mental strength - your desire, confidence, determination or concentration? Call this a sixth "S" - pSychology.

Your running fitness is determined by these six limiting factors. Work on any one of them and you'll improve. Work on all six and you'll run faster than you ever thought possible.

"... It's my breathing" is the usual response. "Well how often do you get out of breath in training?", I ask. "Oh, I read somewhere you're not supposed to get out of breath in training. Am I?" And I say "Yeah, you are, ABSOLUTELY. But not all the time... you need to train at different speeds, often faster than race pace".

The Art of Running Faster is a new, practical guide to training for runners of all abilities and ages, drawing on Julian Goater's experiences in the 1980s, which are equally relevant today. Read more...

See reviews on www.amazon.co.uk. For signed copies please contact Julian direct.

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Julian Goater

Feelgood Factors is a personal fitness training consultancy designed to assist runners and triathletes of all abilities to meet their specific fitness and athletic goals.

Julian Goater IS Feelgood Factors.

When you choose to train with Feelgood Factors you will benefit personally from all the training and athletic experience Julian has gained over 30 years of international running and triathlon racing.

Julian has worked with some of the best national and international coaches, and you can tap into this knowledge, plus his own success, by getting in touch with the Feelgood Factors consultancy. Read more...

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